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Texas License to Carry

Our group of certified instructors and staff offer LTC classes twice a month and custom classes to fit your busy schedule are also available.  Please check our calendar for a complete listing of available class dates and times.

Location: Our private classroom and range are located in the rolling hills just outside of Canton, Texas.

Class Duration:

Our new LTC license class is from 4 to 6 hours maximum in duration, as mandated by the State of Texas.

Standard LTC Class Fee: $50
Military/LE LTC Class Fee: $25

Included in LTC Class Fee:

  • Notary services
  • Shooting range fees & proficiency fee
  • Written examination & CR100

What To Bring

  • Drivers License or Military ID or State of Texas ID
  • 50 rounds factory ammunition (no reloads allowed)
  • Handgun of at least .22 caliber (unloaded) & 1 unloaded magazine
  • A good attitude with the willingness to learn

What to Wear:

  • Eye & ear protection (eye glasses are acceptable)
  • Closed toe shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)
  • Collared shirts & hat or cap
  • Sun screen during the summer


•    You must be 21 (18 for active duty military) years of age when TDPS receives your application.
•    If you are a citizen of another country you must have a US resident visa.
•    If you have a felony conviction with deferred adjudication you must wait 10 years – unless the charge is for an offense against people, including homicide, kidnapping, restraint, human trafficking, sex offenses, assault or robbery. (in which case, don’t waste you time)
•    You may not have been convicted of a Class A or B misdemeanor within the past 5 years.
•    You may not have been convicted of the Class C misdemeanor for disorderly conduct in the past 5 years.
•    You may not have been found by a court to be currently in default on any student loan.
•    You may not have been found by a court to be currently in default on any state or city taxes.
•    You may not have been found by a court to be currently in default on child support.
•    You may not presently be charged with a 1) Felony; 2) Class A or B misdemeanor; 3) Class C Disorderly Conduct.
•    You may not be currently under a court protective order or subject to a restraining order affecting the spousal relationship, other than a restraining order solely affecting property interest.
•    You may not (in the last 10 years preceding the date of application) have been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct violating a penal law of the grade of felony as a juvenile.
•    You cannot have made any material misrepresentation, or failed to disclose any material fact, in an application submitted to DPS.
•    You cannot have been convicted twice within the last 10 years for any Class B misdemeanor, or greater, involving the use of alcohol or a controlled substance.
•    You cannot be a fugitive from justice; a chemically dependent person; or a person of unsound mind.


The initial license is $40, Military (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve) the fee is $0, Honorably Discharged Vets & Retirees the fee is $25. It is issued for a minimum of 4 years. When issued, the license will expire on your birthday 4 years later.

The renewal license fee is $40, seniors (60+) is $35, Military (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve) the fee is $0, Honorably Discharged Vets & Retirees the fee is $25. You will be issued a 5 year license, which will expire on your birthday.

Renewals – All renewals will be done online thru the DPS website. The 4 hour renewal class is no longer required.


  • In processing, orientation & registration
  • Introduction & licensee requirements
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship & techniques for carry concealed
  • The use of deadly force
  • Texas Concealed Handgun Laws
  • Chapter 9 of the Texas Penal Code
  • Dispute resolution
  • Final Exam – Assistance with forms
  • Range qualification, awarding of certificate & closing comments

Before taking the final exam, we will go over covered materials and answer any questions that students may have. Students must achieve a proficiency level of 70% on the written exam in order to pass the course.


The course of fire for the range is designed so that a person with little training will be able to qualify. However, it does assume that the applicant is familiar enough with a firearm to know how to operate it, load, clear a malfunction, and that they can hit a static target.