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2023 Scheduled Class Dates

Let’s Train!!!
Become harder to kill in 2023!!!
You’ll never regret investing in YOU and becoming more highly skilled in protecting yourself and the ones you love.All courses are 100% guaranteed.
January 28 Combat Handgun Course (CHC) $399February 18 Combat Handgun Course (CHC) $399
March 25 Intermediate Combat Handgun Course CHC $499
*April 22 Practical Handgun Combatives (PHC) $599 – $999
May 20 Combat Handgun Course (CHC) $399June 17 Combat Handgun Course (CHC) $399*Elite Gunhandling Course (EGC) by special request.  $599 – $999* Tuition dependent on number of students.The EGC is a 4-6 hr course designed to take the brand new shooter to a confident level of gunhandling and marksmanship in the shortest amount of time possible.

For more information or to register for these classes, please contact Scott Phillips by clicking the Facebook link below
or by the following:

Email: | Phone: 972-489-3323

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