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Please fill out and submit the form below to register for your LTC class. Please check the dates when the classes are being help. Most times, the class is held on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month unless otherwise noted. Please check them before you register.
You can also fill out a contact us form if you are unsure or have any questions about the dates. We will be glad to assist you.

To pay for your class online, please register online and then click the PayPal link to do so. Remember to put a good phone number and/or email address on there so that if there are any issues, we can address them quickly. If you can't make the class you selected on your scheduled day, please notify us ASAP so that we can adjust accordingly. 

The only way to secure your spot is to register online, otherwise you might be turned away at the door.
April 11 & 25 | May 9 & 23 | June 27 | July 11 & 25 | 
August 8 & 25
September 12 & 26 | October 10 & 24 | November 14 & 28 | December 12

 Download & Printout your Class Packet to ensure that you understand what is required (A map is included) 

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The Firing Range
The Firing Range
Shooter's Ready.....
Shooter's Ready.....

"Great instructors good class nice range. Would recommend to everyone."

Darren B.

"Great instructors - They are very friendly and patient."

Tom M.

All Classes Beyond LTC & Basic Handgun Will Require A Current LTC or Current US LEO Identification or US Military Honorably Discharge Papers or US Military Active Duty ID. Tactical & Defensive Of Texas Reserves The Right To Deny Training To Any Individual Or Organization At Any Time, For Any Reason.