August 5, 2019

Emotions vs Facts

This past weekend was truly a sad one, 2 shootings over the past weekend one in Dayton, OH and the other in El Paso, TX, but let us not forget about the one at the garlic festival in South Florida just a few days earlier.  My heart breaks for the families that lost loved ones.

So, I have a question, do you run on emotions or facts? Can you control your emotions in an intense situation? Wyatt Earp once said that he was not the fastest with a gun, but he was able to control his emotions enough that when others shot at him, he could make his shot count. I would dare say there are not many who can achieve that. Do you remember having snowball fights, you could throw back at someone that was throwing at you, but it was more of a reaction or emotion playing out but usually your aim was off. Now think about a gun fight… someone shooting at you causes your emotions to accelerate, but can you control them? The police in Ohio were able to react and within 30 seconds and the shooter was put down, even though many people lost their lives or were injured. Could it have been better? Perhaps if a civilian was trained with the use of a handgun and was close at hand, maybe it would have lasted only 10 seconds, saving many lives. We can’t truly know.

What about El Paso? The police were six minutes getting to the scene. I have heard there were from 1000 to 3000 people in the area of Wal-Mart. Why was not one person carrying? Was not a single person willing to be trained to have their LTC so that he or she could defend himself or his family? FACT... it is hard to shoot people when you are being shot at. There is a tool called the OODA Loop which explains it. I will not try to teach it here but google it and you will understand.

There are those in the media and politics that love to pull on our emotions and firearms is one of the hottest topics in the news these days. Our emotions take over when we have someone drive a car thru a crowd or people are shot. Take a deep breath… look at the facts. Your emotions will cause you to panic in an emergency. Train yourself to be in control. The more you train, the more in control you are. The more you can think, the more in control you are. Be better than you think you can be, set your goal high.

Bullets are not respecters of people, neither are knives, bombs, cars, ball bats, and anything else that a bad guy would use to harm innocent people. I have been shooting for 40+ years. My guns stay loaded. Not a single gun of mine has ever decided to shoot someone at random. People are evil. Look at the facts. The facts will tell you to train. Don’t be lazy. Don’t go around thinking nothing bad is going to happen to me. Bad things happen every day and bad things happen everywhere. TRAIN OFTEN, CARRY ALWAYS, don’t get caught in WHITE condition, and always keep your EYES OPEN.

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The Firing Range
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