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My Thoughts on the Colorado Shooting

By Jim (trig) Lynch

It’s been a while since I have written an article for our web site. It seems that Tactical and Defensive of Texas is growing with the addition on a new building and we are helping launch Women with Firearms and Faith (which is also part of A Girl and A Gun). You can find all of us on FB.

The shooting in Colorado has been on my heart for several days now. I have read and took to heart several well written blogs and articles about this shocking event. Everyone wants to point fingers at the other side…he was a member of the Tea Party, he was a conservative, he was mad at the world, he was insane, blah, blah, blah … We may never know exactly what set this guy off. He may not even know himself… but he did go off. Thank God that he didn't do more damage than he did.  He could have very easily have placed the bomb he had in his apartment into his car and drove right inside the theater and set it off.

There would be little you could do if someone did place a device inside their car and drove it into a place where you are. There are several things you could do with someone bringing firearms into a place where you are. Let us focus on theater right now.

We teach there are 5 stages of alertness at Tactical and Defensive of Texas. This has been taught by many instructors over the years …it is nothing new. People panic because they are untrained. They live in a melancholy world; they believe bad things happen to other people, bad things happen in other parts of the country, bad things happen to bad people, I live in a good neighborhood.  Time to wake up America… we live in a decaying world, we live in an evil place where people believe you can do whatever it takes and you can do anything to whoever you want to get ahead.  People panic because they are in condition WHITE..they are not aware of their  surrounding they are clueless to the world around them, they are only focused on themselves. Being in a WHITE condition lets you jump to BLACK condition (there are 3 other conditions between White and Black) but I will cover that in another article or you can come to one of our classes.  Black is panic…not knowing what to do…not knowing where to go.

I heard several testimonies that people shielded their loved ones by lying on top of them. Heroic…yes… but bullets can rip right thru you and into the person you are shielding.  In a dark theater with a gas mask over your face a tactical flashlight (I am talking high lumens here) would temporarily blind anyone with a quick shot to the face.  Did you know that the average person can go 21 feet in 2.5 seconds? You would if you were trained.  This is more than enough time for someone close to this guy to tackle the shooter. I would rather be shot trying to stop this guy and saving my friends or my loved ones than hoping that his guy didn’t walk up and shoot me in the back.  This guy relied on everyone in the theater to panic. He used it to his advantage.

Guns are not evil or good; they are a tool. The person that holds the weapon makes a situation be bad or good. The guns that created the tragedy are the same tools that could have stopped the tragedy in trained hands.  Unfortunately a lot of places we gather ban law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.  These are places I refuse to be and if for some reason my mind slipped and if I did enter a place that would not allow me to carry my pistol for my protection and if I was injured or my family…I would sued the pants off of them.

It has been said so many times but it is true…BAD GUYS…EVIL PEOPLE…THOSE THAT MEAN TO DO US HARM…do not care about the laws that stop a law abiding person from carrying.

I wore a badge for 20 years and it was my duty to protect and serve. The sad part is I was always late to protect most people. Most were hurt, dying or dead by the time I could get there. You should take the responsibility for yourself and your loved ones to get trained. It doesn’t have to be with us…there are many good instructors out there.  Let us help put the odds in your favor when that emergency arises. We can help. Get your Concealed Handgun License…prepare yourself, train yourself and your love ones. A handgun license makes you legal to carry…make yourself lethal …TRAIN, PREPARE...
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