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Anyone Willing To Be Shot… Raise Your Hand!

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days and in the news 08/01/2018 a home owner gets shot by mistake by the police and is now dead. OK … let’s see a show of hands for those who wants to be shot.  Just as I thought … no takers.  So, all of you who hold or will hold an LTC/CHL license, let’s think on a couple of things.  Let’s assume you get into a situation where you have to draw your firearm to either catch a BG (bad guy) or you had to shoot that BG. You need to call 911 as soon as possible. YOU NEED TO BE AS CALM as possible. DO NOT give the dispatcher more information than needed. Give your name, where you are (home, corner of where?), tell them you need an ambulance if someone has been shot, and send the police, then give a description of yourself … why … so that you don’t get shot!!!  Believe me every cop that gets a call to go to a shootout … they are the ones that want to do the shooting of this guy wasting the air you and I get to breath.  The last thing they want is to shoot a good guy. But let’s be truthful here, some of the nicest people out there … look like bad guys. I love the statement Gabe Suarez says … “Be a gentleman warrior”. Don’t have some stupid attitude when the police arrive. Be as professional as possible. Hopeful you have contacted your legal counsel by now.  Oh, I know we shouldn’t judge a book by it cover … but we do … we all do, it’s our first line of defense. In fact, the first day I hit the streets as a deputy, my commander said, “You had better learn to size people up when you look at them or you’re going to get killed”. We size people up by many things … age, size, gender, color, weight, the way they walk, where they live … I’m not saying this is right … just being honest. I will defend your right to dress the way you want (up to a point), get tattooed, die your hair, spike your hair, shave your head, stab things thru your tongue, lips or eyebrows etc. But you need to survive first when the police show up. The police at the end of the day want to go home just like you. Their adrenaline of the police office is pumping just like yours was during the confrontation with the BG you just wasted and probably will still be when the police arrive. If the BG is under control or dead (hopefully you check for a vital sign). You need to holster you gun if you can do it safely. Do everything in your power not to have it in your hand when the police arrive on the scene.  We don’t wear t-shirts that say GOOD GUY or BAD GUY and even if we did … someone would lie. Be careful … be safe … be aware.


Tactical & Defensive of Texas