August 5, 2019

Emotions vs Facts

This past weekend was truly a sad one, 2 shootings over the past weekend one in Dayton, OH and the other in El Paso, TX, but let us not forget about the one at the garlic festival in South Florida just a few days earlier.  My heart breaks for the families that lost loved ones.

So, I have a question, do you run on emotions or facts? Can you control your emotions in an intense situation? Wyatt Earp once said that he was not the fastest with a gun, but he was able to control his emotions enough that when others shot at him, he could make his shot count. I would dare say there are not many who can achieve that. Do you remember having snowball fights, you could throw back at someone that was throwing at you, but it was more of a reaction or emotion playing out but usually your aim was off. Now think about a gun fight… someone shooting at you causes your emotions to accelerate, but can you control them? The police in Ohio were able to react and within 30 seconds and the shooter was put down, even though many people lost their lives or were injured. Could it have been better? Perhaps if a civilian was trained with the use of a handgun and was close at hand, maybe it would have lasted only 10 seconds, saving many lives. We can’t truly know.

What about El Paso? The police were six minutes getting to the scene. I have heard there were from 1000 to 3000 people in the area of Wal-Mart. Why was not one person carrying? Was not a single person willing to be trained to have their LTC so that he or she could defend himself or his family? FACT... it is hard to shoot people when you are being shot at. There is a tool called the OODA Loop which explains it. I will not try to teach it here but google it and you will understand.

There are those in the media and politics that love to pull on our emotions and firearms is one of the hottest topics in the news these days. Our emotions take over when we have someone drive a car thru a crowd or people are shot. Take a deep breath… look at the facts. Your emotions will cause you to panic in an emergency. Train yourself to be in control. The more you train, the more in control you are. The more you can think, the more in control you are. Be better than you think you can be, set your goal high.

Bullets are not respecters of people, neither are knives, bombs, cars, ball bats, and anything else that a bad guy would use to harm innocent people. I have been shooting for 40+ years. My guns stay loaded. Not a single gun of mine has ever decided to shoot someone at random. People are evil. Look at the facts. The facts will tell you to train. Don’t be lazy. Don’t go around thinking nothing bad is going to happen to me. Bad things happen every day and bad things happen everywhere. TRAIN OFTEN, CARRY ALWAYS, don’t get caught in WHITE condition, and always keep your EYES OPEN.

Evil or Bad Guys VS… Someone Who Thinks Like Me

     I look at the news and just shake my head, evil continues to grow. In the last few days 2 police officers and a Home Depot employee are shot in Dallas.  My heart hurts for these people and their families. I was a sworn officer for 20 yrs. My family was never touch directly by evil doing harm to me. A few of my friends in different agencies lost their lives or were injured. We were trained to face bad guys… we were trained to engage evil. When I retired, I sworn that I would take my skills and help citizens to understand how to use a firearm effectively. I’ve been out of law enforcement for 13 years’, and yes, I still train to maintain that edge necessary to survive a “what if” scenario. I seek out other instructors and we share ideas, and concepts … we push one another to be better, not just mediocre.

     Who would have ever though that a shop lifter would shoot 3 people…no one would guess that so many lives would be forever changed. One of the guys I teach with (Larry Browning) asked me this question, “Would you have shot this guy in the back after he had just shot the 2 police officers and the employee as he was running out?” I did not hesitate to answer… OF COURSE, someone who would shoot three people so quickly… one officer in the back of the head… one officer in the face… the employee (not sure where he was hit), this is evil… this is a bad guy… this is a terrorist (my opinion). I will have no mercy for this type of breathing dirt bag. I have always said… if you are in a fair fight… YOU’RE TACTICS SUCK. FIGHT TO WIN, FIGHT TO GO HOME TO YOUR FAMILY. Come train with us. Get you LTC… protect those you love… protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Jim Lynch

Tactical & Defensive Instructor


We throw around the word TACTICAL every day because it sounds really cool. The definition of Tactical is “ a planned action for accomplishing an end”. Anything else will probably lead to PANIC.  The end result for most people is just to go to work, school or mind our own business and not to be bothered or  let anyone side track us. But there are those that want to rob, steal, rape, or just be a general nuisance. This should lead you to have a warrior spirit or a TACTICAL MINDSET.

Having a Tactical Mindset is not paranoia. It is not living in fear. It is living prepared. It is simply fighting the biggest enemy each us have which is “complacency.” It is preparing for the unthinkable as though it were the inevitable. It is living in a state of heightened awareness. It is refusing to be a victim. As one person said, “ be polite to everybody, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room.” 

Having a Tactical Mindset is wearing your pistol and extra mags every day. This should be as common as putting on your socks and shoes each morning. It should be a part of your dress. It is also realizing the need for proper training and maintaining a high level of proficiency. It is disciplining yourself to dry practice your draw stroke, speed reloads, tactical reloads, clearing stoppages, and going to the range.

Most of us know that most crime is at night. So why do you go shopping at night? Why do you allow your spouse go out alone at night.  Are you counting on crime happening to someone else? Or do you just feel lucky. Are you the type of person that only carries a firearm where you might be in danger? Then why would you even go there. Every place you go now…even churches are places of opportunity for the dirt bags to take or harm what belongs to you. Come to the range… come train… push yourself.  Don’t train to a level where you are just comfortable but do the unthinkable. You will not rise to superior level when chaos comes. You will be only as good as you have trained.  Attackers count on you being fearful…Do not let complacency take over your body and/or mind. 

Anyone Willing To Be Shot… Raise Your Hand!

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days and in the news 08/01/2018 a home owner gets shot by mistake by the police and is now dead. OK ... let’s see a show of hands for those who wants to be shot.  Just as I thought … no takers.  So, all of you who hold or will hold an LTC/CHL license, let’s think on a couple of things.  Let’s assume you get into a situation where you have to draw your firearm to either catch a BG (bad guy) or you had to shoot that BG. You need to call 911 as soon as possible. YOU NEED TO BE AS CALM as possible. DO NOT give the dispatcher more information than needed. Give your name, where you are (home, corner of where?), tell them you need an ambulance if someone has been shot, and send the police, then give a description of yourself ... why … so that you don’t get shot!!!  Believe me every cop that gets a call to go to a shootout … they are the ones that want to do the shooting of this guy wasting the air you and I get to breath.  The last thing they want is to shoot a good guy. But let’s be truthful here, some of the nicest people out there … look like bad guys. I love the statement Gabe Suarez says ... “Be a gentleman warrior”. Don’t have some stupid attitude when the police arrive. Be as professional as possible. Hopeful you have contacted your legal counsel by now.  Oh, I know we shouldn’t judge a book by it cover … but we do … we all do, it’s our first line of defense. In fact, the first day I hit the streets as a deputy, my commander said, “You had better learn to size people up when you look at them or you’re going to get killed”. We size people up by many things … age, size, gender, color, weight, the way they walk, where they live … I’m not saying this is right … just being honest. I will defend your right to dress the way you want (up to a point), get tattooed, die your hair, spike your hair, shave your head, stab things thru your tongue, lips or eyebrows etc. But you need to survive first when the police show up. The police at the end of the day want to go home just like you. Their adrenaline of the police office is pumping just like yours was during the confrontation with the BG you just wasted and probably will still be when the police arrive. If the BG is under control or dead (hopefully you check for a vital sign). You need to holster you gun if you can do it safely. Do everything in your power not to have it in your hand when the police arrive on the scene.  We don’t wear t-shirts that say GOOD GUY or BAD GUY and even if we did … someone would lie. Be careful … be safe … be aware.


Tactical & Defensive of Texas

Jim (trig) Lynch
Owner of Tactical and Defensive of Texas

     It’s been a while since I have updated our newsletter tab. There are several reasons why but I won’t go into that here. My opinion(s) are just that… my opinion. You can agree or disagree…and that is your freedom. You have that freedom because on the men and woman of the armed forces and our LEO’s. But I am not here to chase that rabbit either.  I recently read an article written by Gabe Saurez of Suarez International USA, Inc. This is one of the most out spoken persons about personal defensive that you can read on the web.  I just happen to agree with most of his thinking about training yourself and your mind set. Let me make this statement about Mr. Saurez… I had the opportunity to take an instructor class under him a few years back and he is everything he says he is.  

    He recently wrote an article about shooting terrorists. He stated in the article… shooting a bad guy is not the same as shooting a terrorist. I had never really put that into a thought like he did. HE IS ABSOLUTLY CORRECT. I have been training people just like you to protect yourself for the everyday bad guy…people too lazy to work.. people that want to steal what you have work for…. People that will hi-jack your car/truck….people that will take your life for the shoes you wear…but a terrorist now that is a little different. You shoot a bad guy to stop him. You call an ambulance to save his life, but a terrorist; you shoot him to end his life. This guy, this terrorist has a mind set to die for his cause… you get this guy help and he will still be a terrorist. A bad guy might deserve to be shot once or twice in his/her center mass. But a terrorist, like Mr. Suarez says…he deserves neck and head shots (right again)…a terrorist deserves no mercy…he needs to be put down and put down permanently. America is no longer a nation that is at total peace. We are now a place where terrorists want to bring a battle. They want us to leave in fear. We can no longer afford to be a passive bunch of wimps. We can no longer sit back and say a terrorist acts happens on the other side of the world. PEOPLE.. Terrorism is right here in America…not in our backyard…TERRORISM is right in our front yard. Terrorism is not a matter of if it will happen… terrorism is now a matter of when is it going to happen. I hope and pray that a terrorist never touches your life or the life of a loved one, but if it does, will you be ready, will you be armed, will you have any idea of what to do or will you coward down and hope someone will save your life. CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK..GET YOURSELF TRAINED… contact us…we can get you started down the right path to protect yourself and your loved ones.


The Firing Range
The Firing Range
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Shooter's Ready.....

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