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Due to ammo shortage we have postponed all skilled classes for this year. However we would be more than happy to schedule a one on one training with you that is tailored to your needs/wants. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and scheduling that training.

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Handgun Skills

(You have your LTC or maybe you’re thinking about getting one…now what?)

Whether you’ve been shooting for a while, you’re a new gun owner or you’ve never shot before…​this class will help you sharpen your fundamental shooting skills. You will leave this class with more confidence in carrying and using your pistol, in a safe manner.

No LTC is required to take this class. This class would be great instruction before coming to get your License to Carry.

We generally limit this class to 10 shooters so that we can provide one on one time as much as possible during the class.

If you don’t own a firearm, we can also provide several platforms of pistols for you to shoot; including .380, 9mm, 38/.357 and .45 caliber provided you provide for the ammo for the caliber of your choice. ​Unsure of what ammo you should buy? Please reach out prior to your class and we gladly send you the info you need.

This covers about 4-5 hours of teaching and range time. Classes can be ​custom fit to the student’s needs.

Subjects we cover:


*Handgun Selection

*Ammunition Applications and liability issues

*Proper grip

*Sight Picture/Sight Alignment

*Live fire on the range using paper and steel targets

Equipment needed for the class:


-250-300 rounds of ammo

-Ear Protection (plugs or muffs)

-Eye Protection (required) prescription glasses will do

-Holster and good sturdy belt​ (Not required but strongly suggested, we can also recommend holster and belt makers​) Bigfoot gun belts and 511 belts etc., Holsters made by Alessi, Forbus, Galco, etc.

Price is $125.00/person.