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Due to ammo shortage we have postponed all skilled classes for this year. However we would be more than happy to schedule a one on one training with you that is tailored to your needs/wants. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and scheduling that training.

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Handgun Skills Advanced

So now you have the fundamentals down (grip, sight alignment, sight picture, etc.) and you are eager to continue growing. We can hone your skills by shooting multiple targets, reduce your reloading time, carrying extra magazines, and by using timers we can help shave off valuable time of drawing and firing that first critical shot; improving your chance of survival in a gunfight. We will work to get you to be precise and quick. The FBI statistics say that most gun fights are from 6 ft. or less and over in about 4 ½ seconds. We will use paper and steel targets.

This class will be limited to 10 shooters so that we can provide adequate one on one instruction with you.

This class will be 6 hours of teaching and range time. We can custom fit the class to each student’s needs.

Subjects to cover: 

*Safety (it’s our priority)

*Drawing from Holster

*Reloading your pistol quickly

*Combat reloading

*Multiple consecutive shots

*Shooting at multiple targets *Combat breathing

Equipment required for the class:

-Safety glasses (sunshades or prescription will do)

-Hearing protection (plugs or muffs)


-Holster (good quality, not a one size fits all)

-Belt (good quality)

-Single mag pouch (double mag pouch is suggested)

-3 magazines for your firearm

-350 – 400 rounds of ammo

Price is $150/person.