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Victim, Statistic or Survivor… You Make the decision

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Are you ready to be a victim? To graduate takes a lot….all you have to do is NOTHING. That sounds wrong doesn’t it, because to graduate typically takes a lot of hard work? Think about it…you have to have a lot of faith in the bad guy to do the right thing (wait… he is about to make you the victim of a crime), you think you are tough enough to protect yourself, maybe you will survive the shot… or maybe you’re thinking “I don’t go into those kinds of places”… so what …you probably never leave your house.

Over the years as a law enforcement officer, firearms instructor and a martial arts student, I have heard many reasons as to why an individual never learns to defend themselves; examples… I am afraid of guns, I don’t have the time, that kind of thing never happens around here, I can’t afford it,  I’m not driving that far, I don’t think that I could ever shoot anyone. I’ll bet at least one of these excuses fits you.

You are in fact willing to take the chance with your or someone else’s life. Your spouse, your kids, grandkids, family or friends… Are you going to take the chance that some punk will simply rob you and let you go? Look at the newspapers or listen to the news; people are shot everyday for as little as a couple of bucks. Pedophiles are running loose, perverts are everywhere, crooks, robbers and burglars they are like coach roaches. The world is not going to get better. The jails are full. Criminals are being turned loose by the hundreds.  Are you willing to have your loved ones assaulted while you do nothing? Are you hoping that the bad guy will have pity on you? Do you have more faith in the bad guy to do the right thing and no faith in yourself to train?  Are you willing to look down the barrel of a gun pointed at your face or maybe at your kid’s head while this dirt bag is working up the courage to blow your head off…because he knows dead people make poor witnesses to the police. Have you ever thought about the fear that will last forever once you are a victim? What about the fear from a brutal attack, being raped or being jumped by a flash mob? Flash mobs are the newest crimes; usually it’s a group of young adults that attack at random while someone is walking by and it’s happening across America. So you don’t have the courage to train… but you have the courage to let someone beat the crap out of you, to shoot you or to shoot your loved one.

“How many are ready to die by a violent act?” “How many want to leave their kids or grandkids without one of their parents or grandparents?” “How many are ready to leave a spouse behind?” Oh sure you have a CHL, that makes you legal not proficient. In all the classes taught by Tactical and Defensive when asked these questions no one has raised their hand or screams out I WILL.  Would you feel comfortable putting your trust in a law enforcement officer that never trains? We don’t train heroes, we train survivors. We teach you how not to be a statistic or a victim. It’s easy to stand in front of a paper target and shoot a bunch of holes into it. Targets do not shoot back…think about this; if you are facing a bad guy and the both of you have guns someone is going to get shot. There are ways to improve your odds. The bad guy has already decided to do you harm, he is already ahead of you.  Bad guys don’t play by any rules or laws. Training is the key. Proper training is essential to surviving.

Guns were not designed to hurt the person shooting them. Guns were designed to protect you and your family. Guns are a tool…nothing more. Give Tactical and Defensive of Texas a try and we will give you the confidence and the ability to overcome your fears. Stop putting off training yourself.  Don’t be a target…don’t be the VICTIM.

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