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Heads Up…

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Heads up…(Anonymous author) International tensions are high right now. Iran has called on its sleeper cells around the world to hold retaliatory attacks against the US. That means that although you may have no intention of being involved, someone else may make that choice for you.  Things to remember at times like these:  –Keep your heads up and out of your phones while you’re in public.–Pay attention to your surroundings… Read More »Heads Up…

Understanding THREAT Recognition (Situational Awareness)

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Many people believe they can avoid criminal activity and possible conflict by simply avoiding “problem” areas.  While this is true, a person may be more likely to be victimized in certain locations, it is also a fact that people can be assaulted virtually anywhere.  The best way to avoid conflict when you are out and about is to recognize and address the threats before they lead to a dangerous encounter. How does… Read More »Understanding THREAT Recognition (Situational Awareness)