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about us

Tactical and Defensive of Texas is one of the premiere concealed handgun license and tactical weapons training facilities in Texas. Our instructors have over 30+ years experience teaching Law Enforcement Officers and civilians the safe and effective use of weapons for self defense. Whether your a professional seeking tactical weapons training, an individual looking for LTC Certification, or a family wanting your children to learn safe use of guns for hunting we have the experience to meet your needs.


Ready for your License to Carry?

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LTC classes are normally held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.
Please check back or email us when it gets a little closer. Click HERE to view the class outline and requirements.

The only way to secure your spot is to register online otherwise you might be turned away at the door.


2024 Class Dates
July 13 | Aug 10 | Sept 14 | Oct 12 | Nov 9 | Dec 14

Additional Courses We Offer

Due to ammo shortage we have postponed all skilled classes for this year. However we would be more than happy to schedule a one on one training with you that is tailored to your needs/wants. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and scheduling that training.

Tactical & Defensive of Texas Hosting Veterans & First Responders on the Range

For up to date info on range and special events, Like us on Facebook

Our Instructors

Jim Lynch

Director & Sr. Instructor

Michele Clowe

Co-Owner & Instructor

T.R.A.I.N today, so you’re not tomorrow’s Victim!

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Our Facility

The Pistol Range will be open by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and some Saturdays. Hours are 9 am to 4 pm.

Range fee is $10 and $5 for women/children, we will furnish 1 paper target, steel range is available also.

Call Jim at 972-965-8711 to schedule your time. Limited to 5 people shooting at any one time. Range is closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Some Saturdays may be open for individuals to use the range but Saturdays are usually scheduled for classes, but calling 972-965-8711 will verify if range is available for use. 

You can reserve the range for a small private (5-8 people) class.  Discount pricing available.

We have multiple classrooms to accommodate many people during this portion of the training. 

Interested in steel targets?
We got them too.

TacFrog Global utilizes our range to train throughout the year. To view dates, please click HERE


What people are saying about us.

“Great instructors good class nice range. Would recommend to everyone.”
Darren B.

“Great instructors – They are very friendly and patient.”
Tom M.

If your a patriot and consider self protection a must, check these folks out. Just attended a class w Larry Browning and it was eye opening. Hitting the target is not a problem for me, but what about a magazine change, how about a jamb while bad guy is 10 feet away ? Recognition if the real target? Your good hand is wounded how do you shoot with your weak hand, ever tried it ? Who trains for that? Great class.
Rick Simmons

Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality training and skills to fit your needs.
  • We want to help you become more proficient with your weapon. 

  • We offer multiple LTC class dates throughout the month and periodically have more if there is a need.

  • Knowing when and how to use your weapon when the time comes is something we strive for.

  • In addition to our LTC class, we offer a handgun skills class and an advanced handgun class.

Our Blog

A few articles for you to enjoy.

Get in Touch With Us

Pistol Range Hours

The Pistol Range will be open by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and some Saturdays. 9 am to 4 pm. Call or message us to schedule a time.

About us

TDT offers challenging, informative and real world training while maintaining a safe and disciplined class environment and firing line.

Where to find us

879 VZ County Road 1308 Canton, Texas
Click for Map

Online Registration

Ready to take the step forward to become more prepared? Click here to register and select your class date.

All Classes Beyond LTC & Basic Handgun Will Require A Current LTC or Current US LEO Identification or US Military Honorably Discharge Papers or US Military Active Duty ID. Tactical & Defensive Of Texas Reserves The Right To Deny Training To Any Individual Or Organization At Any Time, For Any Reason.

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