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Tactical and Defensive of Texas is one of the premiere concealed handgun license and tactical weapons training facilities in Texas. Our instructors have over 30+ years experience teaching Law Enforcement Officers and civilians the safe and effective use of weapons for self defense. Whether your a professional seeking tactical weapons training, an individual looking for LTC Certification, or a family wanting your children to learn safe use of guns for hunting we have the experience to meet your needs.


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Upcoming LTC Class Dates 2021
LTC classes are normally held on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month and select Sundays with exception to December.
Please check back or email us when it gets a little closer. Click HERE to view the class outline and requirements.

The only way to secure your spot is to register online otherwise you might be turned away at the door.

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Additional Courses We Offer

Due to ammo shortage we have postponed all skilled classes for this year. However we would be more than happy to schedule a one on one training with you that is tailored to your needs/wants. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and scheduling that training.

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Jim Lynch

Director & Sr. Instructor

Michele Clowe

Co-Owner & Instructor

T.R.A.I.N today, so you’re not tomorrow’s Victim!

Our Facility

The Pistol Range will be open by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and some Saturdays. Hours are 9 am to 4 pm.

For $20.00 per person, we will furnish 1 paper target, steel range is available also.

Personal instruction available for $30.00 per hour
(does not include pistol or ammo) Call or email for more info.

Call Jim at 972-965-8711 to schedule your time. Limited to 5 people shooting at any one time. Range is closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Some Saturdays may be open for individuals to use the range but Saturdays are usually scheduled for classes, but calling 972-965-8711 will verify if range is available for use. 

You can reserve the range for a small private (5-8 people) class.  Discount pricing available.

We have multiple classrooms to accommodate many people during this portion of the training. 

Interested in steel targets?
We got them too.

TacFrog Global utilizes our range to train throughout the year. To view dates, please click HERE


What people are saying about us.

“Great instructors good class nice range. Would recommend to everyone.”
Darren B.

“Great instructors – They are very friendly and patient.”
Tom M.

If your a patriot and consider self protection a must, check these folks out. Just attended a class w Larry Browning and it was eye opening. Hitting the target is not a problem for me, but what about a magazine change, how about a jamb while bad guy is 10 feet away ? Recognition if the real target? Your good hand is wounded how do you shoot with your weak hand, ever tried it ? Who trains for that? Great class.
Rick Simmons

Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality training and skills to fit your needs.
  • We want to help you become more proficient with your weapon. 

  • We offer multiple LTC class dates throughout the month and periodically have more if there is a need.

  • Knowing when and how to use your weapon when the time comes is something we strive for.

  • In addition to our LTC class, we offer a handgun skills class and an advanced handgun class.

Contact us today. We would like the opportunity to assist you in your training needs.

Our Blog

A few articles for you to enjoy.

Heads up…
(Anonymous author)

International tensions are high right now. Iran has called on its sleeper cells around the world to hold retaliatory attacks against the US.

That means that although you may have no intention of being involved, someone else may make that choice for you. 

Things to remember at times like these:  
Keep your heads up and out of your phones while you’re in public.
Pay attention to your surroundings and make mental note of the locations of the nearest exits.
Have no less than half a tank of gas in your vehicle at all times.
Make sure your phone is charged when going out.
For those willing and able to, carry your gun. Carry it concealed.  Carry additional magazines.
Have a small medical kit handy. Tourniquet, bandages, etc. A quick YouTube search will have you set up cheaply and quickly.
Have a flashlight on you. Have a spare in your vehicle. In case of an attack in an enclosed building, lights going out causes confusion, makes you lose track of the people with you, and can make a bad situation 10x worse. A simple, reliable flashlight can help alleviate these issues.
Always carry a sturdy, lockable knife. It has many more uses than cutting cheesecake. 
Avoid stupid places, with stupid people, doing stupid things. This applies to anytime, not just during times of heightened security.
Trust your instincts. If your spidey-senses are tingly while you are out, then that is your body sensing danger of some type. Listen to that few hundred thousand years of human evolution telling you that something nearby wants to hurt you and your family, and go be somewhere else. 
If something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.
Don’t let someone else’s Selective Ignorance deter you from being Properly Prepared to Provide Protection to your People.

I say these reminders not to scare the friends and family that read this, but to make sure they are aware of the clear and present dangers that exist right here and now.

Bad people are intent on doing bad things to Americans. They do not care if you have kids, they don’t care how you vote, and they don’t care what church you attend. They care that you are an American, and they want to hurt as many Americans as possible.

They are not going to only target military bases stateside. They will go after and attack civilians. They will attack women and children specifically. This is what they do. This is why they are called “terrorists”. Their goal is to create enough fear that others voluntarily bend to their will. Know that up front and don’t sugar-coat that fact.

Our country has been dealing with this issue for two decades, and honestly we as a society have become lax recently to the possibility of attacks specifically from terrorists. Most of us have been more worried about the mentally unstable school-shooter-types that have filled the news these past couple of years. That has seemed the more plausible and likely threat.

That is no longer the case.

Enemies are actively planning to hurt Americans, on American soil. 

When 2 + 2 doesn’t = 4

OK, first let me say I believe that everyone has a right to believe in whatever they want to believe in, it’s what makes the world go around. We are all different and I thank God for that. Now with saying that, I to believe in something and here it is; I have a right to bear arms and it’s given to me by the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. If you chose not to use that right, that’s perfectly fine. I will not try to convince you to do so; nor will I try to establish a law demanding that you must own a gun and carry one with you every day, I promise.

However, there is this man, Robert Francis O’Rourke (Beto), that thinks he can make a law that triumphs the Constitution of the Unites States and remove my AR-15 and/or my AK-47!! How does a buy back system work when I did not buy my firearm from any government body? I purchased my firearms legally from a business that sells them legally. There will be no buy back option in my world…NOT GOING TO HAPPEN MY FELLOW PATRIOTS. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

Ladies and gentlemen, we MUST let our voices be heard! If you have not heard of Colion Noir, then you are missing out. He is one of the smartest and most articulate spokespersons for gun rights. Mr. Noir can be found on YouTube or by simply watching his videos on the Tactical & Defensive of Texas Facebook page. Watch his videos and if they speak to you, post them to your FB page. Don’t let someone that’s on TV (i.e. any politician) make you believe that just because their lips are flapping that what they say are facts. Do some research… facts are easy to prove with the research and technology that is available. For example, more people are killed each year with a hammer than with an AR-15 but that’s not Beto will tell you.

Have you ever wondered why no one tries to invade us? That’s because there are 16 million AR-15s in the hands of patriots; normal, law-abiding citizens like you and me. Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned to the truth. Our country is worth fighting for!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope to see you at the range soon!

Anyone Willing To Be Shot… Raise Your Hand!

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days and in the news 08/01/2018 a home owner gets shot by mistake by the police and is now dead. OK … let’s see a show of hands for those who wants to be shot.  Just as I thought … no takers.  So, all of you who hold or will hold an LTC/CHL license, let’s think on a couple of things.  Let’s assume you get into a situation where you have to draw your firearm to either catch a BG (bad guy) or you had to shoot that BG. You need to call 911 as soon as possible. YOU NEED TO BE AS CALM as possible. DO NOT give the dispatcher more information than needed. Give your name, where you are (home, corner of where?), tell them you need an ambulance if someone has been shot, and send the police, then give a description of yourself … why … so that you don’t get shot!!!  Believe me every cop that gets a call to go to a shootout … they are the ones that want to do the shooting of this guy wasting the air you and I get to breath.  The last thing they want is to shoot a good guy. But let’s be truthful here, some of the nicest people out there … look like bad guys. I love the statement Gabe Suarez says … “Be a gentleman warrior”. Don’t have some stupid attitude when the police arrive. Be as professional as possible. Hopeful you have contacted your legal counsel by now.  Oh, I know we shouldn’t judge a book by it cover … but we do … we all do, it’s our first line of defense. In fact, the first day I hit the streets as a deputy, my commander said, “You had better learn to size people up when you look at them or you’re going to get killed”. We size people up by many things … age, size, gender, color, weight, the way they walk, where they live … I’m not saying this is right … just being honest. I will defend your right to dress the way you want (up to a point), get tattooed, die your hair, spike your hair, shave your head, stab things thru your tongue, lips or eyebrows etc. But you need to survive first when the police show up. The police at the end of the day want to go home just like you. Their adrenaline of the police office is pumping just like yours was during the confrontation with the BG you just wasted and probably will still be when the police arrive. If the BG is under control or dead (hopefully you check for a vital sign). You need to holster you gun if you can do it safely. Do everything in your power not to have it in your hand when the police arrive on the scene.  We don’t wear t-shirts that say GOOD GUY or BAD GUY and even if we did … someone would lie. Be careful … be safe … be aware.


Tactical & Defensive of Texas

Victim, Statistic or Survivor… You Make the decision

Are you ready to be a victim? To graduate takes a lot….all you have to do is NOTHING. That sounds wrong doesn’t it, because to graduate typically takes a lot of hard work? Think about it…you have to have a lot of faith in the bad guy to do the right thing (wait… he is about to make you the victim of a crime), you think you are tough enough to protect yourself, maybe you will survive the shot… or maybe you’re thinking “I don’t go into those kinds of places”… so what …you probably never leave your house.

Over the years as a law enforcement officer, firearms instructor and a martial arts student, I have heard many reasons as to why an individual never learns to defend themselves; examples… I am afraid of guns, I don’t have the time, that kind of thing never happens around here, I can’t afford it,  I’m not driving that far, I don’t think that I could ever shoot anyone. I’ll bet at least one of these excuses fits you.

You are in fact willing to take the chance with your or someone else’s life. Your spouse, your kids, grandkids, family or friends… Are you going to take the chance that some punk will simply rob you and let you go? Look at the newspapers or listen to the news; people are shot everyday for as little as a couple of bucks. Pedophiles are running loose, perverts are everywhere, crooks, robbers and burglars they are like coach roaches. The world is not going to get better. The jails are full. Criminals are being turned loose by the hundreds.  Are you willing to have your loved ones assaulted while you do nothing? Are you hoping that the bad guy will have pity on you? Do you have more faith in the bad guy to do the right thing and no faith in yourself to train?  Are you willing to look down the barrel of a gun pointed at your face or maybe at your kid’s head while this dirt bag is working up the courage to blow your head off…because he knows dead people make poor witnesses to the police. Have you ever thought about the fear that will last forever once you are a victim? What about the fear from a brutal attack, being raped or being jumped by a flash mob? Flash mobs are the newest crimes; usually it’s a group of young adults that attack at random while someone is walking by and it’s happening across America. So you don’t have the courage to train… but you have the courage to let someone beat the crap out of you, to shoot you or to shoot your loved one.

“How many are ready to die by a violent act?” “How many want to leave their kids or grandkids without one of their parents or grandparents?” “How many are ready to leave a spouse behind?” Oh sure you have a CHL, that makes you legal not proficient. In all the classes taught by Tactical and Defensive when asked these questions no one has raised their hand or screams out I WILL.  Would you feel comfortable putting your trust in a law enforcement officer that never trains? We don’t train heroes, we train survivors. We teach you how not to be a statistic or a victim. It’s easy to stand in front of a paper target and shoot a bunch of holes into it. Targets do not shoot back…think about this; if you are facing a bad guy and the both of you have guns someone is going to get shot. There are ways to improve your odds. The bad guy has already decided to do you harm, he is already ahead of you.  Bad guys don’t play by any rules or laws. Training is the key. Proper training is essential to surviving.

Guns were not designed to hurt the person shooting them. Guns were designed to protect you and your family. Guns are a tool…nothing more. Give Tactical and Defensive of Texas a try and we will give you the confidence and the ability to overcome your fears. Stop putting off training yourself.  Don’t be a target…don’t be the VICTIM.

Thank You?

This November News Article may not have a lot to do with firearms and shooting … but it has everything to do with who we are as Americans.

It seems like an eternity now since they have been gone, since the last Thanksgiving we spent together, but the memories and blessings of those times together, and the legacy of the values and beliefs shared are as vivid as this morning’s sunrise.  As far back as I can recall my all-time favorite holiday is and always will be Thanksgiving.  A time as simple as the first Thanksgiving, a time to be with family and friends … a time to look back and remember, to looking forward and anticipate, a time to look in and evaluate, and a time to look up and simply say “thank you”.

“Thank you” … those two words are among the most important and appreciated in any language. He who does a good deed is often satisfied to simply hear “thank you” as his only reward. It’s too bad the phrase is so underused today, and even less taught.

Some people rarely say thank you, and you wonder what holds them back. We should have developed the habit of expressing our gratitude when we were children.  Most people we know probably regard themselves as being thankful, but thankfulness must be expressed and not simply a thought. Giving thanks is much better than just being thankful.

As Americans we should be thankful for all we’ve been entrusted, all the many blessings of life and all of those who today we stand shoulder to shoulder with. This Thanksgiving Day I want to say “Thank You” as today I woke up in America where we have countless liberties and freedoms others only dream of. I want to say “Thank You” to all of those both today and yesterday who have stood up to protect our way of life, many paying the ultimate sacrifice.

I want to say “Thank You” to the multitude of un-sung hero’s across our land … the firefighters and EMT’s, the police and law enforcement officers, our children’s teachers, our doctors and nurses, our pastors and missionaries, our moms and dads, our grand-maws and grand-paws … and the list goes on, to all those who struggle against difficulties and hardships, but through it all continue to do what’s right knowing no one else will ever notice. I want to say “Thank You” to my family and friends whose courage and wisdom continue to inspire and bless my life, and to all those who stand in the gap and kneel at HIS alter.

Every day should be Thanksgiving day, and remember to give the greatest share of credit and praise to the One who made it possible, the Great Benefactor, the Creator and Giver of all blessings … James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…”

It is my prayer that y’all will have a blessed Thanksgiving, and yes “Thank You Too”

The Bushwhacker (LB)

Come on, you can say it … Thank you.

Understanding THREAT Recognition (Situational Awareness)

Many people believe they can avoid criminal activity and possible conflict by simply avoiding “problem” areas.  While this is true, a person may be more likely to be victimized in certain locations, it is also a fact that people can be assaulted virtually anywhere.  The best way to avoid conflict when you are out and about is to recognize and address the threats before they lead to a dangerous encounter.

How does a criminal decide who to attack?

After a bad guy decides to commit a crime, his next priority is a victim — preferably someone oblivious to the lurking danger and who is likely to be afraid to or lack the skills to fight back when attacked.  Bad guys will often “test” their potential victim by asking for a match, some change, the time or something similar, an action that reveals whether the individual will allow his or her personal space to be violated.

How can a gun owner avoid looking like a target?

Guns do not magically keep criminals away, and since Texas is a concealed carry state the bad guy would not know and should not know you are armed (don’t lose this element of surprise).  A “Command Presence” and remembering your “States of Awareness” is your best deterrent.  The vast majority of criminals are opportunists who strike when presented with a good opportunity.  Remove the opportunity and you dramatically reduce the risk you face.

How does one learn how to effectively observe and detect risk?

While seated on our favorite recliner we are most often in “Condition White”, however, on the street, we must mentally “kick it up a notch” to match the situations we encounter.  Remembering our “States of Awareness” starting with an oblivious, unprepared state … and moving all the way to a condition of being ready to fight without any hesitation and with all the tools your arsenal holds, and always remembering “if you find yourself in a fair fight … your tactics suck”!

Should we live at the highest level of alertness at all times?

We cannot observe effectively if we are stuck at either end of this awareness spectrum.  At the bottom of the scale, we will fall victim to an accident or to a criminal eventually.  However, on the other hand, we cannot go through life or for that matter a single day with our hand on our holstered pistol 24/7.  Our threat response needs to move up and down the scale as both observation and circumstances change and intel dictates.

What intellectual problems must we overcome when attacked?

Most will face three intellectual difficulties: (1) recognizing the threat in time to react; (2) understanding and accepting that severe harm or death is possible; (3) and overcoming reluctance to answer that threat by responding aggressively enough to stop the threat.

How can we overcome these three problems?

We overcome these problems by moving along the sliding threat scale.  The lowest level on the scale allows us to be in an oblivious, daydreaming, preoccupied state (safe at home in your living room).  The next level is that of general alertness — heads up and eyes searching (this is where we live while in public).  Still higher is identification of a specific threat.  The final level is being mentally prepared to fight, and as mentioned earlier to STOP the threat.

What happens when we reach that final level?

When we realize a threat is real, we are waiting on a “mental trigger”, a specific, predetermined action on the bad guy’s part that will result in our immediate, aggressive, defensive respo nse.  By having a “pre-set trigger” in our mind we can move fast enough to deal with the problem and not waste time deciding what to do. If you wait until you need a plan to form one, you are too late!!!

What is that mental trigger?

The mental trigger will differ depending on the circumstances.  It could be, “I’ve told him to stop, if he moves one more step toward me with that tire iron, I’ll shoot.”  Whatever the trigger is, once it is pulled, we must take immediate action against the bad guy.  Your life and the life of your family and friends could depend on your response!

A final thought!   Do criminals really fear gun-carrying citizens?

Yes, in fact they do! Criminals fear the armed citizen more than the police — armed citizens are unpredictable.  They resist attacks, and they shoot back, they are not required to take prisoners, and those that train are often very skilled.  Most bad guys will avoid an attack on a random person they believe might be armed.  The most common behavioral difference between a victim and the survivor is your level are awareness (don’t be a sheeple).

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